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SKYRC D200 Laddare

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SKYRC D200 is a dual output charger, which supports power distribution with AC source. It has new functions, like, Terminal Voltage Control (TVC), Battery Meter, Battery Internal Resistance Meter. It has software protection, like, Current Limit, Capacity Limit, Temperature Threshold and Charging Time Limit.It supports PC control and firmware upgrade. Additionally,it has a built in soldering iron that can heat up to 450℃ with heavy duty 60W, the temperature is adjustable from 200-450℃.

• Built-in soldering iron that can heat up to 450℃ with heavy duty 60W
• Built in cell voltage balancer
• Current Limit
• Capacity Limit
• Temperature Threshold
• Charging time Limit
• User can store 20 charge/discharge profiles which can be called out without any special program setting
• User can check battery pack's total voltage, and each cell's voltage
• User can check battery pack's total internal resistance, and each cell's internal resistance
• User can use 'Charge Master' controlling and viewing real time data with graphs, also can update firmware with it
• User can modify the end voltage (for expert only).
• Supports LiHV batteries

Charge Master PC Software
User can monitor battery pack's total voltage, individual cell voltage etc., and view real time data and graphs of related specs during charging/discharging. Also user can use 'Charge Master' to update firmware.

• Net Weight: 1260 g
• Input Voltage: AC100-240V / DC 11-20V
• Charge Circuit Power: DC Input Channel-A 200W / Channel-B 100W
• AC Input: 200W (Support Power Distribution)
• Discharge Circuit Power: 2x 10W
• Charger Current Range: Channel-A 0.1-20A / Channel-B 0.1-10A
• Discharge Current Range: 0.1-5A
• Current Drain for Balancing Port: Max 300mA/cell
• Trickle Charging Current: 30mA-300mA & OFF
• LiPo/LiFe/Lilon/LiHV Battery Cell Count: 1-6S
• NiMH/NiCd Battery Cell Count: 1-15S
• Pb Battery Voltage: 2-20V

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