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OS Speed B21 Adam Drake Edition Combo Set T-2090SC with 85mm longer manifold

Combo med T-2090SC
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Speed B21 Adam Drake Edition

Designed to dominate.

Power your way to the podium with this special Speed B21 engine that's packed with upgrades from champion Adam Drake. It's a terrific choice for trucks and buggies that delivers competition-caliber performance for demanding drivers. Featuring a semi-long stroke, this engine also boasts a DLC crankshaft with double tungsten counterweight and a redesigned cylinder lining with updated porting. Be ready for the big leagues with the Speed B21 Adam Drake Edition!

  • Designed and tested to Adam Drake's race-winning specifications.
  • Great for buggies and trucks.
  • Redesigned cylinder liner with Drake-specified porting.
  • Newly designed DLC crankshaft with double tungsten counterweight.
  • New semi-long stroke design offers the perfect blend of torque and high-end performance.
  • 6.5 and 8.0 mm carburetor reducers.
  • Ceramic rear bearing.
  • Easy-to-tune 21J carburetor.
  • Speed Gold P3 Turbo glow plug.
Adam Drake holding buggy featuring the Speed B21 Adam Drake Edition gas car engine
"O.S. is passionate about winning and is the proven choice of champions. Working with the engineers at O.S. to develop the New B21 Adam Drake engine was amazing. Our goal was to provide customers with a configuration that is exclusive to O.S. and provides the power, run-time, and drivability to be used with both buggies and truggies. The B21AD uses the proven, easy-to-tune 21J carburetor, O.S. P3 Gold glow plug, ceramic rear ball bearing and lightweight cooling head. The DLC-coated crankshaft features two tungsten counterweights for smooth power delivery. If you're looking for the ultimate off-road engine that performs in both buggies and truggies, the O.S. Speed B21 Adam Drake is the engine for you!"
— Adam Drake
tock Number: OSMG2066
Displacement: 0.211 cu in (3.46 cc)
Bore: 0.646 in (16.40 mm)
Stroke: 0.652 in (16.55 mm)
Practical RPM: 4,000-42,000
Power Output: 2.61 hp @ 34,000 rpm
Weight: 12.45 oz (353 g)
Includes: 6.5 mm and 8.0 mm carb reducers, 21J carburetor and Speed Gold P3 Turbo glow plug
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