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ORCA R32 Fartreglage 1:10

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ORCA® R32 - Brushless Speed Controller

Engineered and extensively tested for the new era, ORCA latest R32 Electronic Speed Control is where state-of-the-art design meets high tech on the RC podium.

ORCA R32 ESC is the most advanced ESC designed for all RC racing and competitions allowing multi-levels of programmable parameters such as Program Modes (Blinky, Modified, Open Stock, 1:10 Off-Roads), Setups (Initial, Quick, Advance). Each of your selections brings very unique, defined, customized setup (using the new ORCA R32 Program Card, sold separately) with 15 menus in these programs.

Enjoy 4X faster data processing speed with the latest tech 32-Bit CPU literally means you get 4X the accuracy, respond time and efficiency than its predecessor VX3 ESC (8-Bit).

Another new feature to the RC platform is the lower resistant MOSFET. 40% lower than VX3, significantly improving power conservation.

The ability to fine tune Braking strength now becomes possible on the ORCA R32 ESC. Brake and accelerate with minimal lapse time. On R32, you can now fine tune your Braking strength (1~15) to suit your driving style.

  • Next generation 32bit ultra speed 4X CPU
  • Super high efficient MOSFET with 40% lower resistance
  • State-of-the-art new developed circuit board for quicker and smoother respond time
  • Completely new design firmware for better and easy hardware tuning plus plug-in SD card function for easy access
  • For 1/10 On-Road, 1/10 Buggies, 1/10 SC Trucks & 1/10 Trucks
  • Adjustable timing start
  • Adjustable motor timing at 1 degree increment
  • Adjustable timing interval to achieve "normal", "smooth" or "aggressive"
  • Adjustable turbo delay, turbo timing, turbo interval
  • Set and adjust initial brake, drag brake, brake frequency
  • Adjustable punch (1~10)
  • Adjustable PWM at 500 Hz increment, max to 32000 Hz
  • Allow users to save, load and send setup from the Program Card (OPC332PB sold separately) to the new R32 ESC
  • Capable to update latest Firmware onto R32 ESC via Program Card (OPC332PB sold separately)
  • Motor Lock Protection: Yes
  • Fail Signal Protection: Yes
  • ESC Color: Black

  • Size: L41 x W36 x H20 mm
  • Weight: 46 g
  • Voltage input: 4.8-9.9VDC (2S LiPo / 2-3S LiFe)
  • Peak current: 760A
  • Motor limit: 4.5T
  • BEC: 6V, 3/7A

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Artikelnr:  OES832VR
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