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Hobbywing Xerun V3.1 120A SVART WP

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This controller is a 120A controller with a built in voltage booster, it accepts 2-3S lipos and the BEC is 3A/6V. It is available in 3 colors and the footprint size is: 373129.5. The perfect controller for any racers and basher who wants to drive with 2s or 3s

2 years of R&D, the electronics have been refined and a new software has been written. CNC heat sink, electronic on/off switch, logger. As the v2.1 is a very good controller this certainly sets tyhe bar very high.

1) 10 predifined profiles can be modified import/export no need to reprogram the software each time you want to change the profiles.

2) Datalogger Temperatures RPM of the motor Lowest battery voltage

3) Better cooling & smaller size Copper core for more effiency CNC heat sink and case smaller but more efficient cooling

4) Electronic on/off switch Saves space More durable Remote off switch, hold brake for 6s 5) Software you can adjust the timing relative to RPM All adjustments refined Cooler temperatures

6) Connections The programming box is connected to its own connector, no need to remove the receiver plug The connector can also be used for external fan, this bypasses the BEC so it will not load the BEC circuit

7) New software for PC boost slope lets you adjust timing vs RPM, how sick is that? Free upgrades as usual More user friendly

8) Protections Temperature protection (motor and ESC) Low voltage protection Throttle signal loss protection

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Artikelnr:  HW120AV3BWP
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