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Xray XT2 2WD Stadium Truck 1:10

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The all-new 1/10 2WD luxury stadium truck XRAY XT2 based on the ultra-successful XB2 platform is now disclosed in a detailed presentation at:

  • Based on the ultra-successful XB2 platform
  • Full compatibility and interchangeable parts
  • Designed for highest performance at all levels of racing
  • Engineered with attention to smallest details
  • Manufactured with legendary artistic craftsmanship from premium European materials
  • EFRA, ROAR, FEMCA spec compliant
  • Super easy to build, set up, maintain, and drive
  • Developed, designed, and styled by European Champion Martin Bayer and Dipl. Eng. Juraj Hudy, manufactured exclusively by XRAY in Europe in the world's most sophisticated RC manufacturing facility
  • Setting the new benchmark for premium quality, reliability and performance
  • Class: 1/10 electric 2WD off-road stadium truck
  • Width: Adjustable 313-319 mm
  • Length: 319 mm (420 with wing)
  • Wheelbase: Adjustable  289-294 mm
  • Weight: 920 g
  • Ready-to-run weight: 1900 g

  • Chassis: CNC-machined Swiss 7075 T6 aluminum 2mm
  • Front upper deck: Hard composite

  • Suspension: Adjustable suspension via Integrated Suspension System I.S.S.
  • Rear suspension: Lower arm with adjustable upper camber link
  • Front suspension: Lower arm with adjustable upper camber link and with adjustable caster 0°, 2.5° and 5°
  • Rear upright: Composite 0° toe-in with dual arm mounting and 7 roll center positions
  • Shocks: Membrane free shock absorbers with Delrin pistons
  • Shock towers: Front & rear machined 4.0 mm & 3.5 mm laminated carbon graphite (Carpet Edition) or composite (Dirt Edition) with multiple shock mounting

  • Type: 2WD
  • Primary: Pinion / spur
  • Drive shafts: HUDY Spring Steel™ CVD drive shafts
  • Differential: Sealed gear differential, 6 gear, silicone-filled
  • Slipper clutch: Adjustable 3-Pad
  • Bearings: Rubber-sealed high-speed bearings

  • Primary ratio: 1:2.65
  • Gear Box gear: 36T
  • Differential pulley: 53T
  • Spur gear: 48P 84T (75T, 78T, 81T & 87T option)
  • Motor pinion: Not included

  • Camber: Adjustable front + rear
  • Front Caster: 26° static + caster in caster block = 26°, 28.5°, 31° total caster range
  • Toe-in: Adjustable front + rear
  • Downstops: Adjustable front + rear
  • Front kick-up: Adjustable 26°~31°
  • Rear anti-squat: Adjustable 0°~4°
  • Anti-roll bars: 1.0 mm, 1.1 mm & 1.2 mm rear (option only)
  • Ackermann: Adjustable
  • Bump steer: Adjustable
  • Steering: Centrally-positioned dual steering system

Body, Tires, Wheels & Misc:
  • Body: XRAY XT2 body
  • Tires: Not included
  • Wheels: XRAY Aerodisk 12 mm Wheel hex hub

Adjustment Possibilities:
  • Standard adjustment: Camber, toe-in, caster, track width, wheelbase, kick-up, anti-squat, roll center, Ackermann, bump steer
  • Instructions: Full-color manual with 3D graphics (40 pages)

Additionally included:
  • HUDY Graphite Grease, Silicone Oils, Authentication Certificate, Parts list & Exploded view, Decals

Items Not Included:
  • Radio system (transmitter and receiver), steering servo, motor, pinion gear, LiPo battery packs, speed controller, charger, tires, inserts, double-sided tape, CA glue, bearing oil, medium-grade (blue) threadlock, universal tool for all nuts and turnbuckles and other tools
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