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Kyosho Inferno MP9 TKI4 1/8 Buggy Kit

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Special Features

Race bread premium geometry and weight distribution. Each parts are precision crafted for
perfect fit
7075 high grade aluminum chassis(3mm), Shock towers(5mm) and steering knuckles. Newly
designed steering knuckles with new ackermann angle.
New high air flow body! Tested for a long period of time to come up with the best balance and
down force. Allows more acceleration and corner speed!!

New light weight high flow wing with wickerbill(2 types included)! Increase rear traction.
Lighter is better but wings need to be durable as well. The perfect balanced wing.
New front rear suspension holder! This combined with the longer front suspension arms and
new knuckles allow the best skid angle. Increased stability allowing easier controls.
Newly designed aluminum rear hubs with adjustable suspension pin height. More adjustability
to fine tune to various tracks!!

New front lower arms. Longer and more durable design.
Beefed up rear lower arms
High grade servo saver as standard. Allowing linear and precise steering input.

New rigid wheel design allows more stability. Designed to last!!
High quality coating on the shock body for smooth damping! Updated shock fixture on lower
shock end.
Updated ball ends for more security.
Updated wing mount with extra surface for more wing support. Low height wing mount.

Revised fuel line layout. The fuel line has new added support to eliminate fuel line issues.
Revised adjustable air filter fixture.

Heavy Duty universal Swing Shafts for front, rear and center.!! 3.5mm thick bullet proof
Smart and efficient design for the battery and receiver box. Compatible with KO switch.
Smart and efficient design for the servo tray allowing precise, effective and linear linkage
movement. The servo fixture design allows easy servo maintenance and replacement.

Aluminum Rear Lower Suspension Holder is included as standard.

Low profile air cleaner.
Machined aluminum rear hub carrier. Tested and proven at major races.


Kanaï San explains differences between TKI4 and TKI3

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*Length: 490mm *Width:307mm *Height: 180mm *Wheelbase: 325mm *Tread:254mm (F/R) *Gear
Ratio: 11.7:1 *Weight: approx. 3300g
*2ch TX/RX (2 servo) *Battery for TX & RX *.21 engine *Muffler & manifold * Tires
*Engine starting tools *Fuel *Plug Heat *Super glue *Paint for body

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